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Partake in ASENTAR Groove’s digital marketing distribution business startup to supercharge your digital marketing distribution channel platform!

ASENTAR Groove is an online distribution channel business platform that integrates Digital Marketing with Affiliate Marketing strategies to help ordinary people have their own startup to attain extraordinary online passive income! 

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ASENTAR Grove provides you with a platform to promote your digital marketing distribution business start up. 

ASENTAR Groove, the platform that helps you educate your affiliate channel partners.

  • Get a beautiful, personalized page set up for your digital marketing distribution business.

  • Get 90 days hands on digital marketing trainings for FREE.Get 90 days of free, hands-on digital marketing training!

  • Get 90 days of step-by-step guides to personalize your digital funnels for multiple streams of online passive income.

  • Get 90 days of entrepreneurship psychology training.

  • 3 Major Benefits Of Using ASENTAR Groove

    Fully set up for our users, all that’s left to do is to personalize it!

    Easy To Install

    Worried that you don’t have technical, coding, or designing skillsets? Worry no more since everything’s already set up for you!

    You Own Your Data

    You can now track and view your database from your back office, allowing you to keep an eye out on critical statistics such as your customer retention rates, sales volumes, and income streams (updated daily).

    Easily Customizable

    Everything has been fully set up for you, and all that’s left to do is to personalize it. Once that’s done, integrate and link your favourite social media platforms, and voila!

    Working from home has never been this easy.  

    Get ASENTAR Groove Today

    Curious about how ASENTAR Groove works? Watch the video below for a quick demo!

    Hope you enjoyed the video! Now why not experience the magic for yourself? Click the link below and sign up for free lifetime access to ASENTAR Groove!

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    3 Models that ASENTAR Groove uses that makes it the best start up business platform for entrepreneurs 

    ASENTAR, your very own 7-11 online distribution channel business for health and fitness products. 

    The 7-11 Business Model

    Almost every neighbourhood on the planet has a 24-hour 7-11 shop, and each shop has about 3000 SKUs (stock keeping unit). Even so, just by selling cup noodles alone, 7-11 is capable of generating a net profit of US$204,714,000 per month through its global distribution channel of 68,238 shops. If 7-11 is already capable of attaining that much offline, imagine what would happen if the same principles were applied online? After all, what’s stopping you from going beyond 68,238 digital distribution shops?

    The Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

    hybrid model

    We currently live in a digital world, moulded by companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. With consumers now actively using chat messenger platforms (e.g., WeChat, Telegram, WhatsApp) and even eCommerce platforms (e.g., Shopee, Lazada, Shopify), it’s only fair to assume that they’ll be valuing online shopping more in the future. 

    With that in mind, what are you waiting for? Why not start setting up your own digital distribution channel business today?

    The FREE Health and Fitness Ecology Model

    When the recent pandemic hit, many people found themselves losing their jobs. This hit middle-aged individuals (30-45 years old) particularly hard since the older we get, the more health and medical costs we’ll have to face. With that in mind, such individuals require a system that will not only allow them to self-sustain, but also self-maintain. 

    Enter the Health & Fitness industry. Not only did this industry generate 3.65 trillion dollars in 2019 alone, but it’s also spanned across 3 generations. Mind you, this is way before the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID19 to be a global health emergency. With that said, imagine how much larger the Health & Fitness industry will grow once the pandemic ends (with everyone now aware that health is wealth)?

    To top it all off, not only will ASENTAR Groove allow you to keep healthy and fit for free, but you’ll also earn a portion of the 3.65 trillion-dollar industry!

    Get ASENTAR Groove Today

    Are You Ready To Start Using ASENTAR Groove To Build Your Digital Marketing Distribution Business Startup?

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